1. You and your children become part of our Legacy family!

We genuinely love, nurture, and encourage your children

We believe in ministering to the needs of your family not just those of our students

We pray for students and their families daily by name

Students of different ages interact together on a daily basis as in a family

We purpose to provide effective and consistent communication

2. Discipleship is an intentional part of our daily connections with your child.

It is a lifestyle focus rather than merely an academic goal

We value and nurture your children as the unique and special creations of God that they are

We emphasize and model our need to depend on the empowering of the Holy Spirit to accomplish the daily tasks before us

Our staff model Christlikeness through our actions and words and encourage students to do the same

We lovingly, yet firmly, communicate and reinforce realistic attitude and behavioral expectations

Daily Bible study and chapels focus on the age-appropriate application of God’s Word

We teach and emphasize implementation of the fruit of the Spirit and Christlike character in everyday life

3. How students best learn guides our teacher engagement with your child.

Our commitment is to understand how students learn best and create an environment in they thrive in

We utilize hands-on, multisensory curriculum that is challenging, yet engaging and effective

Our “Enrichment Fridays,” which conclude at noon for the day, are structured to include chapels, extended arts and science projects, academic review, reteaching, enrichment, field trips, special guests.   

4. We purpose to be family-friendly and value family time away from school.

We have intentionally structured our school day and week to be highly productive and accomplish what is academically necessary, and we do this in a shorter amount of time than what is typical

Our daily schedule is structured to maximize student learning: Mon-Thurs 8:30-2:30, with a strong academic focus, and Fri 8:30-12:00 as a flexible day used in any number of ways

We are able to provide a shorter school year without compromising our academic standards

“Homework” is limited so that it is brief, purposeful, and age-appropriate

We offer Before School Care Mon-Fri and After-School Care Mon-Thurs