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Would you like to help support  Legacy Christian School with a financial donation?  We have three categories you can choose to donate toward:

General School Fund:

Our commitment is for tuition to be as reasonable and affordable as possible. Continued donations to our General School Fund from those supporting our vision make that possible!

Linda Jupin Student Scholarship Fund:

Through the generous donations of church and community members, we have established the Linda Jupin Student Scholarship Fund and are honored to offer student scholarship opportunities. While we attempted to establish our tuition and fees as reasonably low as possible, to accommodate all families, we recognize there may be circumstances that prevent some from being able to afford   the entirety of the cost of attending Legacy Christian School.  Donations to this fund will help cover partial tuition for a student who otherwise would not be able to attend.

Special Projects

  1. Wrought iron fencing along Dairy Road to prevent foot and vehicle traffic on campus.

  2. Slurry, re-seal, and re-stripe the upper parking lot for basketball, games, etc.