• Jesus loved and valued children – this is central to everything we do.
  • It is our goal to provide a well-rounded, balanced, educational experience for every student.
  • Students learn best in an environment where they are genuinely loved and valued.
  • We recognize and value the idea that not all students learn the same way. We are dedicated to maximizing each student’s learning experience.
  • Students must also be taken beyond just acquiring knowledge and reciting facts.
  • Students will be challenged to think reasonably, critically, and creatively.
  • A Biblical/Christian worldview is integrated throughout their daily learning and interactions.
  • Our goal is to cultivate within each student an understanding of how to learn, how to utilize the learning styles God has created within them, and develop a love for learning.


Jesus Christ is the center of education.

Discipleship is something modeled, not taught as an academic subject.  It is an intentional application of God’s truths to their lives in everyday situations; not merely scripture memorization. Students will experience this daily in class and through staff interactions.

Vine’s Exp. Dictionary defines a disciple as “a learner, one who follows one’s teaching…they are spoken of as imitators of their teacher.” It is our passionate desire teach and model the love and truths of Jesus in such a manner that our students become disciples, or imitators, of Jesus Christ.

The Arts

Opportunities for students to learn and develop skills will be integrated into their regular education/curriculum.  Students will have a myriad of opportunities to explore and develop their individual desire and abilities and we believe allowing students to showcase those talents are essential in sharing the God-given gifts students possess.


While our goal is to strive for excellence, we believe in a balanced approach of providing opportunities for participation and developing character, rather than just focusing on wins and losses. We want Godly, well-trained athletes to develop their talents and live out their faith by their conduct within their given sport regardless of their grade level. Their Christian worldview will be challenged as they work at balancing their desire to excel individually with sportsmanship, self-discipline, and teamwork.